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ID: 196624
General information
Shelfmark Vat.ebr.138

Locus 1r-97v
Author Rashi, 1040-1105 (internal)
Supplied title [פירוש מס' שבת לרש"י]
Supplied title Commentary on TB Shabbat
General note With a few glosses and completions in the margins by various hands.
General note The beginning of the text was missing and was completed on a bifolium inserted into the manuscript (ff. 1v-2v) by another hand that also copied on f. 1r the commentary on TB Sabbath 5a and the first lines of 5b, missing between ff. 2 and 3. At the end of the completion on f. 1r the scribe wrote a note instructing the reader to proceed to f. 3 והשאר תמצא בפירוש הישן הפוך הדפין חדשים אזי תמצא. וד"ל.

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Shelfmark Vat.ebr.138
AuthorRashi, 1040-1105