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ID: 197422
General information
Shelfmark Vat.ebr.219

Locus 1r-15r. 55r-56v
Title אשכל הכפר
Supplied title Eshkol ha-Kofer
Incipit text יהוה המשל באדם שהוא חכם באותיות אלפא ביתא
General note Anonymous kabbalistic treatise.
General note Apparently a unique copy of this text.
General note According to E. Gottlieb, בירורים בכתבי ר' יוסף ג'קטילה Meḥkarim, p. 115, note 44, there is a certain similarity between the ideas expressed in this work and those of Joseph Gikatilla's.

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Shelfmark Vat.ebr.219