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ID: 166623
General information
Shelfmark Vat.ebr.66
Date Late 9th-mid 10th century
Beginning date 876
Ending date 975
Support Parchment.
Height 220
Width 175
Extent 289 ff. (<5> + 1-11, 11a, 12-283; ff. 235-283 blank)

Other name Fugger, Ulrich, 1526-1584, owner
General note This manuscript is perhaps the earliest Hebrew codex extant (aside from a few fragments found in the Cairo Genizah and elsewhere). It is considered the most authentic version of the Sifra.
Bibliography On this manuscript cf. M. Kahana, אוצר כתבי־יד של מדרשי ההלכה (Jerusalem 1995), pp. 62-63; Visual Testimony, no. 1.

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Shelfmark Vat.ebr.66
Other author/nameFugger, Ulrich, 1526-1584