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ID: 166629
General information
Shelfmark Vat.ebr.66

Locus 1r-234v
Supplied title [ספרא או תורת כהנים].
Supplied title Sifra or Torat Kohanim.
Uniform title Sifra
General note [ספרא או תורת כהנים] "Sifra" or "Torat Kohanim". Early midrash on Leviticus. With superlinear Babylonian vocalization and accents. Tiberian accents were added to some words. Missing from near the beginning of pericope "Be-Har". The first series of expositions on Leviticus ix:22–x:7 in "Mekhilta de-Milu6im" was not copied. The "Mekhilta de-5Arayyot" on pericope "Kedoshim" was copied after that on "AḥareiMot".

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Shelfmark Vat.ebr.66
Uniform titleSifra